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IPC – Integrated Professional Cleaning – Group

The IPC – Integrated Professional Cleaning – Group was created by the merger of a number of leading companies in the professional cleaning sector, each specializing in a different market segment. The objective of the Group is to become a leading player in the cleaning industry with a complex and complete system of companies, products, business units and services to serve any need in the industry.

A Global Industrial Platform

As a strategist (as part of the Inarea consulting group), I defined and designed a system to consolidate the group’s entire offer under one consolidated catalog. Thousands of products, parts, services, manuals, and information have become an integrated offer system able to be flexibly packaged for different targets with different needs. This system guided the implementation of marketing (from websites to printed catalogs) and organizational tools (from spare-part databases to the management of documentation) and led to the Group’s unified offering becoming a strong competitive point on the global market. © Images, products and logos shown on this page are properties of the related Companies.